Sensitive skin-friendly while revolutionizing the gift-giving experience

My mission is to make gift-giving an adventure filled with both ease and excitement, while leaving a lasting mark of care and consideration – yes, even for those with sensitive skin! Regardless of the occasion, it deserves a no-worry item thats natural and luxurious. My viral gift sets now offer customization options to suit any event you have in mind. Birthdays, Graduation, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, I have you covered for EVERYTHING! I am also working every day to continue to create new giftable items that are high quality, gentle on your skin, good for your home (wax melts), and are even suitable for the little ones!

About MVS

Hey y'all, I'm Hannah! My story starts in 2020, I dove into the world of soap-making from a tiny studio basement apartment. It was my way of breaking free from the shackles of a horrible 15-17 hour daily screen time routine, which was taking a toll on my mental health. Crafting what started out as just fancy soaps became my therapy, helping me combat anxiety and depression while unleashing my creative side!

I come from the picturesque Green Mountains of Northern Vermont, born into a family of go-getters and entrepreneurs. That's where the "mountain view" part of my business name comes from. These days, I'm calling South Georgia home! A few of my favorite things? Animals for sure (especially my rescue cat Scooby and my doggo Doze), pizza (I would actually LOVE some right now), and comfy clothes!

My ultimate mission? To turn skincare and gift-giving into an adventure bursting with ease and excitement, leaving behind a heartfelt impression of care and thoughtfulness.

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    you guys…. this is the best smelling skincare i’ve bought from a small business and i’ve tried ALOT. the solid butter lingers on your skin, i literally can’t stop sniffing myself. Also her prices are incredible! will definitely be ordering more!

    GIRL! Your products are amazing. I have a hard time with scents and this oatmilk and honey is to die for!

    I just wanted to tell you that I got my package today & I looooove everything. All of your products are wonderful, but the scrubs are hands down the BEST scrubs I've ever used. They've been such a game changer for me & my skin care. And omg, the solid butters are 🙌!! Please do take breaks & treat yourself well. Please do not ever stop making your products. I will cry lol!🩷

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